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Greaves' Commitment
We do not compete with our clients. We will only trade with bona fide travel agencies. We are committed to providing the highest levels of professional service to our clients. Our staff is professional and our sales team is energetic and out on the road. If we don't have the answer -- we'll get one fast. We are here to assist you and your clients with every travel need.

British Airways
We only sell British Airways. We know the product well, and have over 30 years' experience with British Airways. We are a one stop shop for most British Airways destinations worldwide, from the USA to the UK and then on to South Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. Click here for a complete list. You may also book your add-ons with Greaves Travel, on JetAirways. We can give your passengers confirmation before they leave. 

British Airways is a premium product. British Airways has recently revamped its World Traveller product: seat-back videos, extra knee room, foot rests, newly designed seats with better lumbar support and privacy wings, new meal menus and newly designed "double decker" meal trays. British Airways has also announced a new service where parents can request their children be served their meals first, allowing the parents to eat later. All of these enhancements follow on the enhancements British Airways has already made in the first class and club class cabins.

British Airways has ethnic flight attendants on-board to assist those who do not speak English, and there isnow a wider choice of vegetarian meals on-board. These should be requested prior to departure.  

Greaves Extras
Our 1-800-GREAVES number seamlessly and easily transfers callers from one state to the next should the lines be busy, with no cost to the caller. Our FaxFares system allows you to retrieve the fare sheets you need any time of day or night. You can make your reservations by email, and you can receive updates in email when fares change.

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